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Flying Firsts

A month-by-month guide to commercial aircraft maiden flights.

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I am really pleased to say that my first book is now available. All orders made direct with me can have the booked signed and can have a choice of 3 digital images taken from the book.

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This comprehensive reference manual brings to life many of the world s most important airliners and commercial aircraft through their first flights. With each you ll learn important facts about the aircrafts development history, the airlines that flew it, and its vital statistics. 
From the pioneering days of air travel through to the technological wonders of modern airliners, each aircraft type is also illustrated with colour photographs from the author. You can even add notes to mark your own first flights on the type! 
Split into twelve chapters, marking the months of the year, you ll learn about the aircraft that first flew in that month and what makes each special and unique. 
With over 120 aircraft types and multiple variants, and hundreds of photographs, Flying Firsts is an up-to-date and authoritative reference book covering the world of commercial aviation and aircraft, which is invaluable to aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

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Lost Airline Colours of Asia

Expected in spring 2021. This book is all about what has gone before, be it a change of livery for a currently operating airline or to remind us of the airlines that are no longer with us, as well as the odd special livery once advertising a long since past event.

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