Aircraft Slices

If you wish to choose your own then the worlds your oyster. However I intend to create designs which are either one aircraft from one airline, one airline with a mix of aircraft or one aircraft from a number of airlines.

Currently this is the only stock design but more will be added over time. If you want a particular design then all you need is to contact me or hit the choose your own 'Buy Me' button and let me know what you want. There is of course a charge  for the design work. It is £20

Custom 4 Slice

The frame size is 400 x 300mm with each image behind it's own aperture.

Virgin 747 4 Slice

To keep costs down we use the PayPal Buy now facility. This requires a separate carriage charge button so that you don't pay too much when buying more than one product. Don't forget to add one postage charge per order from the shop.

Carriage if required

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