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Do you need any copy or photos?

I have had over a quarter of a million words and more than 1750 photos published in print both in the worlds aviation magazines in addition to my own three titles  with countless more published online.

Both words and images can be provided for use in industry, inflight or enthusiast magazines and for online platforms just phone or email me.

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"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt

Published Features

A small selection.

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The Grand Tour de France

Following the A380 convoy through the streets of France.

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Cairns Airport

A 'Behind the scenes' look at this Queensland Airport

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Fire Fighters

Joining the Airports Firefighters on a live fire training exercise.

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Eight days to eternity

Charting the eight dramatic days that led to the closure of Nicosia Air[port

Airports in the Sun - Larnaca

Airports in the Sun - Larnaca

Traces the rise of Larnaca since the closure of Nicosia

A report on the history of BA Cityflyer

High Flyer

A report on the history of BA Cityflyer

Changi The worlds best airport?

Changi The worlds best airport?

An in-depth look at what this fascinating airport has to offer.


My newest book!

The secret Life of an Airport.
Airside - A look behind the scenes

Find out what happens behind the scenes at the worlds airports.

From behind the big red doors of the fire and rescue service and the tinted glass of the control towers to the many men and women in high-vis jackets that swarm around an aircraft on the ground, this book offers a peek behind the scenes to see what happens at a major airport, looking at many of the jobs performed out of sight of the passengers. With over 200 images, this book sheds light on the roles and tasks that without which commercial aviation as we know it would not exist.

Read the reviews!

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Flying Firsts

A month by month guide to aircraft first flights.

This comprehensive reference manual brings to life many of the world s most important airliners and commercial aircraft through their first flights. With each you ll learn important facts about the aircraft s development history, the airlines that flew it, and its vital statistics. 

From the pioneering days of air travel through to the technological wonders of modern airliners, each aircraft type is also illustrated with colour photographs from the author. You can even add notes to mark your own first flights on the type! 

Split into twelve chapters, marking the months of the year, you ll learn about the aircraft that first flew in that month and what makes each special and unique. 

With over 120 aircraft types and multiple variants, and hundreds of photographs, Flying Firsts is an up-to-date and authoritative reference book covering the world of commercial aviation and aircraft, which is invaluable to aviation enthusiasts and professionals.


Lost Airline Colours of Asia

Relive the colours of Asia's airlines in days gone by

A comprehensive look at the airlines and colour schemes worn by airlines across Asia which no longer grace our skies.

From my vast photographic archive, as well as contributions from other accomplished aviation photographers, this book traces these airlines from decades ago right up to recent days and their liveries in full colour photographs. 

The nature of the airline industry means the colours and names we are familiar with often disappear for good. Even the airlines that have lasted the distance have undergone significant changes in their branding. 

Other examples are airline names which have long disappeared, falling victim to the changing aviation industry and the loss of once proud air carriers. 

The book also provides comprehensive details on the airlines included, covering their history and notes about the colour schemes worn. 

Features full colour photography throughout. A perfect addition to the aviation enthusiast s bookshelf.

This, my second book, was my lockdown project and is now available.

Read the reviews!

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