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This day in history - October 5th

This day in history starts in 1951 with the first flight of the Convair CV-340, however the image shows this aircraft type still in operation just a few years ago albeit now as a CV-580.

Just over a decade later in 1962 Transmeridian began operations as Trans Meridian Flying Service.

Another first flight happened in 1982. This is the bonus event just for blog readers. This time its a version of the iconic ‘Queen of the Skies’, the 747-300.

PEOPLExpress acquired Frontier in 1985 and continued operating it as an independent entity

The final two events are unfortunately about airlines fading into the past. The first being in 2017 when Ukrainian carrier, Dniproavia ceased operations after its AOC had expired.

Next it was the turn of AirAsia Japan's second incarnation, only lasting just over 3 years before operations were ceased in 2020.


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