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This day in history - September 29th

We start todays this day in history in 1949 with the first flight of the Douglas DC6A,

Next we see another first flight and another prop, this time in 1956 and its the Vickers V800 Viscount.

Do you want to know more first flights? Flying firsts is a fantastic resource all about aircraft first flights and is written by flyWinglets very own Martyn C!

In 1972 Air Florida started operations, utilising a number of aircraft types in its 12 years of life.

BritishJET was established in 2004 operating a single MD90-30.

However the following year saw the loss of another with Transmeridien, operator of a Conroy modified CL44, ceasing operations.

Difficult to notice the change in the next one, but in 2005 when State-owned airline Olympic Airlines ceased operation, it was replaced by a privately owned entity, Olympic Air, which commenced operations on this day.

Next is about a service I have had the good fortune to experience. British Airways brought back the ex Concorde flight number of BA001 when it operated the first transatlantic service from London city (LCY), this time with an all business class A318.

Want to learn more about the BA A318 BA001 service? Then hop on over to the blog post all about it!

In 2012 Comair operated its last scheduled flight, a rotation from Cincinnato to Houston.

Unfortunately we also finish on a negative with the demise of Jet Asia Airways from Thailand.


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