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This day in history - September 14th

For todays #thisdayinhistory we go all the way back to 1934 when Aeroméxico was established as Aeronaves de México by Antonio Diaz Lombardo.

Staying with the same continent just moving northward and on to 1978 where we see the sad demise of ONA (Overseas National Airways) which was formed back in June 1950.

1992 has our bonus event, available only on the flywinglets blog as competition takes a blow down under with Qantas acquiring Australian Airlines.

Back to the other side of the world now and into 2005 where we witness the demise of another airline. This time it is Air Scandic, not you might assume from Scandinavia but west from there in the UK.

Just a few years later in 2009 – Lufthansa Flight 288, a Fokker 100 operated by Contact Air under the regional banner and carrying the registration D-AKFE, makes an emergency belly landing at Stuttgart Airport, Germany, due to the failure of the undercarriage to deploy correctly. No injuries or fatalities reported.

We finish in 2017 with an airline that can’t seem to make its mind up. TAP Portugal was renamed TAP Air Portugal, this being the name used between 1979 and 2005. See if you can spot the differences between the following photos.

See you next time!

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