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This day in history - September 6

In 1962 Merpati Nusantara Airlines from Indonesia was officially constituted.

1970 – The PLO makes a statement with the Dawson's field hijackings of El Al Flight 219 (B707), Swissair Flight 100 (DC-8), TWA Flight 741 (B707) and Pan Am Flight 93 (B747). Later, on September 9, taking a further aircraft, BOAC’s Flight 775 (VC10) Such was the unprecedented scale of the incident, it which eventually sets the scene for todays security screening. The Pan Am Flight was the first loss of a Boeing 747.

More disaster in 1983 when the Soviet Union admits to shooting down Korean Air Flight KAL-007, a Boeing 747, stating that the pilots did not know it was a civilian aircraft when it violated Soviet airspace

Finally for today. In 2021 Emerald Airlines secured its Air Operator Certificate (AOC), it operates on behalf of Aer Lingus Regional .


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