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This day in history...April 1

It has been a really busy day over the years, in fact too much has happened to show you it all. Here is my selection.

We start way back in 1924 when Sabena made its first flight.

Next we see BOAC taking over operations from predecessors Imperial Airways and British Airways.

Yes I know this next one is a cheat!

Lufthansa made its first flight this day in 1955.

Into South America now and the commencement of operations by VIASA in 1961.

A quick flight over to Asia now and the founding of Bouraq in 1970.

In a reversal of what went on in 1940. British Airways takes over the operations of BOAC.

A renaming now of both a country and the airline, from Burma Airways to Myanmar Airways.

In 1992 Jet Airways was founded.

To finish of we go back just 5 years to witness the name change of Nordic Aviation to Nordica


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