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Airbus vs Boeing at FIA18

The bi annual ding dong of who wins the aircraft order totals has arrived. Its looking like a Boeing win this year but in reality it is the end of year totals that really matter. Speak with manufacturers and they tell you that orders are actually gained at airshows such as this not just announced. Difficult to understand given the figures involved and the lengthy and understandable timescale the spending of these vast sums of money take to complete.

However here, in their own words, are this years totals.


volaris a320
Airbus A220

1. Pre-show

Airbus came into the show already with 177 Single Aisle and 84 Widebody orders in 2018, complemented by a pre-show order for 60 A220-300s, the latter bringing the pre-show intake to 321 aircraft.

2. New business at Farnborough

During the show the company won further new business for 431 aircraft (93 firm orders and 338 MoUs). These 431 commitments comprise 60 A220-300s, 304 A320 Family aircraft, 42 A330neos and 25 A350 XWBs. Notably, the 42 commitments for the new A330neo includes both the -800 and -900 models – a strong endorsement at the show for this Family.

3. Summary of business to date for 2018 at close of show

Following these announcements at Farnborough, Airbus increased its grand total for the year to 752 aircraft (354 firm orders and 398 MoUs). The 752 commitments in 2018 comprise: 120 A220s; 481 A320 Family; 56 A330 Family, 75 A350 Family and 20 A380s.


air italy boeing 737max8

ethiopian boeing 787-8

Boeing marked an outstanding week for order capture in commercial aviation, with customers announcing 673 orders and commitments in total, reflecting a continued resurgence in demand for freighters and strong order activity for the 737 MAX and 787 passenger airplanes. Boeing secured 48 orders and commitments for the 777F, five for the 747-8F, reflecting continued strengthening in the cargo market globally.

Customers also continued to demonstrate a strong preference for Boeing's passenger airplane portfolio, with 52 orders for the 787 and 564 for single-aisle 737 MAX, including a major commitment from VietJet for 100 airplanes and strong demand for the largest variant of the MAX family, with 110 orders and commitments for the 737 MAX 10.

One thing is for sure, the difference between the manufacturers when it comes to Freighter aircraft is stark and is an area Airbus are currently falling short in.

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