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This day in history...July 28

I am going to start off nearly 90 years ago and with an airport not an airline as in 1934 Aberdeen airport in Scotland was established. Well known for its helicopter operations it has had plenty of fixed wing ops too. Here are a couple of older (but not 90 years ago) images from this oil rich airport.

A possible visitor to Aberdeen next as in 1950 the first scheduled passenger service by a gas turbine powered airliner was undertaken by a BEA Viscount.

In 1985 Dragonair restarted operations. More to come later!

1992 saw Aeroflot change its name to Aeroflot Russian International Airlines.

Darwin Airlines which had a link up with Etihad as can be seen in this image taken on the holiday island of Ibiza. Darwin restarted ops in 2004.

Air Kyrgyzstan, founded as Altyn Air in 2001 is rebranded as Kyrgyzstan Air Company.


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