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This day in history...Dec 30

A much busier day today, with four events to tell you about.

We start off back in 1945 when Ethiopian Airlines was formally incorporated by proclamation of Emperor Haile Selaisse.

1989 sees the establishment of another airline, this time in Italy in the form of Air Dolomiti.

Yakutia made its first flight this day in 2002.

We finish on rather a negative note as in 2014 Gambia Bird suspended operations.

I really hope you like these little trips down memory lane, however I do have a living to make so I hope you don't mind me plugging the following unique products of mine.

Seat identifiers and aircraft skin sections framed with photographs of the aircraft are available from a selection of Virgin and British Airways Boeing 747s. Prices start at £125. For more info click on either of the images or here!


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