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This day in history...March 24

If you are a regular reader then firstly my apologies for the lack of blogs. Unfortunately a trip to hospital and subsequent recuperation had put paid to them. Here I am now, things may be infrequent but hopefully going in the right direction!

A 64 year span for todays trip down memory lane starting off back in 1947 when Reeve Aleutian was incorporated. Check one of the pictures for a comedian with a paint brush!

1999 sees the first in a series of airline failures on this day - Kiwi International from the USA.

Next comes a duo in 2007. BA Connect and Air Adriatic.

It didn't get any better in 2010 with Highland Airways also failing, seen here at an interesting destination!

Todays journey finishes off on a positive note as in 2011 Peoples ViennaLine had its AOC granted.


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