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This day in history...Jan 20

Another fabulous four today, with the first flight of an aircraft starting us of in 1959. The Vickers Vanguard, later the Merchentman.

Across the pond now and in 1990 the start of a new airline 'North American'

A few years later in 1994 saw the start of one of the now major carriers in the Middle East. Qatar started off using a livery basic on the colour of the national flag before moving to the various grey based ones.

Qatar features in my new book Lost Airlines of Asia, due out in the spring. If you would like to preorder to get a signed copy then drop me a line.

Unfortunately we end on a negative today as German outfit Cirrus suspended operations due to financial reasons this day in 2012.

As mentioned earlier, if you are interested in getting hold of a copy of my book 'Flying Firsts' detailing maiden flights of over 120 aircraft along with a brief history, then click on the image below or HERE for more information. To obtain a signed copy at a discount price of £12.50 + p&p, all you need to do is contact me directly through any channel or simply email me at (you need to let me know who to sign it too!) and quote BLOG202120.


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