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This day in history...Jan 25

A fabulous foursome today starting back in 1959 when American became the first domestic airline to operate its own jets in the form of the 707. Much to my annoyance I had no idea what I was doing with a camera on my only trip to the USA when the Boeing classics were still in operation so apologies for the shot quality!

Still with an American theme, 1980 saw the formation of Orion Air. Although when these shots were taken at Manchester many years later the aircraft did not have the best reputation for operational reliability, so to catch it moving was a bonus and flying a miracle!!!!

The then Saab-Fairchild organisation had a good day today in 1983 when the SF340 made it's maiden flight.

One of the short lived business only services from the UK to the USA (Luton to Newark), Silverjet made its first scheduled flight on that route today in 2007.


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