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Flying Firsts

A bit of self promotion today as after 18 months of writing and decades of photography, I am really pleased to be able to announce that my first book is due for publication on June 28, 2019.

Flying Firsts book cover.

What follows is the publishers blurb about what the book is all about. It seems pointless in re wording it!

An informative and entertaining guide to some of aviation’s most important firsts by acclaimed aviation photographer and journalist Martyn Cartledge.

This comprehensive reference manual brings to life many of the world’s most important airliners and commercial aircraft through their first flights. With each you’ll learn important facts about the aircraft’s development history, the airlines that flew it, and its vital statistics.

From the pioneering days of air travel through to the technological wonders of modern airliners, each aircraft type is also illustrated with colour photographs from the author. You can even add notes to mark your own first flights on the type!

Split into twelve chapters, marking the months of the year, you’ll learn about the aircraft that first flew in that month and what makes each special and unique.

With over 120 aircraft types and multiple variants, and hundreds of photographs, Flying Firsts is an up-to-date and authoritative reference book covering the world of commercial aviation and aircraft, which is invaluable to aviation enthusiasts and professionals.

If anybody wants a copy then I am more than happy to sell you one of course. If so then there are a few options. If you feel like increasing my ego and want a signed copy then I will be more than happy to provide it at no extra charge (Cover price is £14.99 - p&p extra if needed of course). Simply email me at and we can arrange it. It is also available at Amazon to pre order, simply click on the following link to take you straight there.

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